Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts ... From The Heart!

Welcome to Hearts for Betty - Phase 2!

All net proceeds will be forwarded to Betty ... to help her rebuild & replant her gardens!

You can scroll through ... or view as a Slide Show on Picasa

To claim your heart(s) ... simply be the first to post a COMMENT on the post for that piece ... then forward your donation via PayPal to sredeluxe@rogers.com ...
$5.00 per heart ...(postage included)
USD from US & other countries ... CDND within Canada.
Please include the numbers of all pieces you are requesting  as well as your snail info... and I'll send them on their way!

(If you prefer ... you could send me an International Money Order in USD from US & other countries ... CDND within Canada... just e-mail me at the same address for snail address.)

At the conclusion of this event ... there will be a GRAND PRIZE DRAW!
I'm creating several special things just for this!

Each heart you claim gains you one entry ... and Betty will have the honour of selecting random numbers (not the numbers of each item ... but numbers allocated by purchase.)

My heart-felt thanks in advance for your support!

Love & Big Hugs ... and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!


  1. My heart is filled with gratitude! I am very blessed to have people like you, Marie, and Cheryl thinking about me. And to all those wonderful ladies who made a heart or are now contemplating purchasing one of these beaded hearts - a profound thanks. Betty

  2. My Dear Betty: 99% of us will never have to contend with the type of ordeal that you have had to ... and I cannot imagine how much dismay you have had to endure.

    But ... as life goes on ... and help comes to you ... know that your friends are here to support you ... doing what is necessary to help you regain your balance ... and your subsistance ... we are the wings beneath your feet!

  3. I hope that we can help put back some beauty in to your gardens, one heart at a time. :)